Let's jump!

The time has come! Here is a new version of the One Spear, One Kill. This version includes some significant changes in the game.

Jump ability

Now you can jump! A jump is a useful tool which can help you to avoid damage and swiftly change your position.

  • The character doesn't take any damage while jumping.
  • Jump has 2 charges which are spent on the jump.
  • These charges restore every 4 seconds.
  • After the jump, the character gets temporary invulnerability for 0.75 seconds.
  • You can throw spear while jumping, but be aware. It can't deal damage while it's above enemies.

New combo system

The combo system was revamped to make it more exciting and enjoyable.

  • Now combo last 4 seconds before being reset to zero.
  • You can increase a combo streak during this time.
  • When you increased combo streak, the timer updates.

Balance changes

  • Now the character gets temporary invulnerability after taking damage for 1.5 seconds.
  • Damage of zombie as increased from 1 to 4 per sword it shoots.

New statistics

  • Now you can find new statistics about your fight:
    • Kills;
    • Best combo;

What's next?

My next step is planning. I have some ideas about the game, but I need to asses them. If you have some feedback or ideas, I'm always opened for them.


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Aug 17, 2019

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Great job! Keep up doing it!