In the distant future, a lonely goose guy stuck in the eternal loop of fighting against forces of eternal evil. But this time, his shotgun and he have a company of machinegun, plasma gun and rocket launcher.

Get through a deadly evil base and survive!

Ludum Dare game page


  1. WASD to move and menu;
  2. Mouse to aim;
  3. Left mouse button to shoot;
  4. Escape to pause;
  5. E to press buttons and use portal;
  6. Space to dash;
  7. Wheel to switch weapons;



Made by Titled Goose Team! Hope you will enjoy it!




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yooo i just fund these 2 games in a row

poghjonk, baby!


can you make it so we can use 1-9 buttons to switch weapons? im limited to only a few weapons because my scroll wheel is sensitive (touchpad)

Thank you for playing. I'll think about a small update.

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This moment 'twas foretold by the screaming man in green, that a Goose would rise up and shatter the oppressors. The time has come brothers, THE HYONKENING IS UPON US!!!

Wow, thank your for playing and the video!


Really fun, quite challenging though as I got cornered with low ammo multiple times, also it was surprising to see a can of soup becoming a plasma canister, I´m glad to see the assets being put to good use 

Thank you for playing and your sprites yet again!


it is hard because i have to pay attention to my health the bullets the monsters and my ammo but overall it is a good game and I reccomend it for new itch.io people

Thank you for playing.

Your welcome!


this game is great

but i need an azerti controlers


Thank you for playing. I'm pondering about creating a special InputManagre which can automatically remap actions for Azerty, Dvorak, Colemak keyboards. I'm a Dvorak user.


thanks because your game is so amazing :)


Yo this game is great!!! Really, really love everything. From the design, the physics, and the sound!

Was wondering what's up with the controllers though, is there a way to remap the inputs? I type for a living so I prefer using a controller on my games. My xbox controller works, kinda. I don't know how to switch weapons with it.

But great game all in all. 


Thank you for playing, unfortunately, there is no way to switch weapons with controller. :(


That's fine, still a fun game


Congrats on the great game, trickyfatcat!! Also on being on the frontpage! Found it on popular games!

Wow, thank you for playing and such great news.


A very neat idea and juice galore!

More sound impact from hitting enemies is the only thing lacking from giving the juice that extra bit of punch (and a slightly toned down screen shake)

I found myself almost always using the shotgun because it was the only thing which reliably and quickly actually killed enemies. Some more incentives to use other weapons other than running out of ammo would be nice (significantly faster rate of machine gun fire, more accurate plasma gun etc). For a linear and closed game level like this one, detours to find buttons were quite annoying. Maybe rewarding the player with ammo and health for taking a exploratory risk would be better .

Still really well done! Wish you guys the best if you decide to expand on this or make more stuff like this in the future!


Thank you for playing. The balance of weapons is bad, indeed, as I was afraid to make the game too difficult for the jam, and I didn't have enough time to playtest it, unfortunately. 


great game, but it would be nice if numbers could switch weapons as well, on mac the trackpad is too sensitive to switch to plasma rifle and shotgun without stopping and concentrating on it.

Thank you for playing. I recognize the problem with weapon switching, unfortunately, didn't have enough time to make it perfectly.


yes... another one HONKS the bullet 😤🤘

Thank you for playing mate, your game also great


Hey. I recorded a video about the Ludum Dare jam and included your game in it. If you want to cut your game out of the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make similar videos every day. I will be happy if you subscribe. Anyway, I enjoyed playing your game.

Thank you for playing!

i enjoyed it :D


Another nice game

HoNk hOnK

Thank you! And thank you for your sprites!


I really like the polygonal transitions, super unique!

Thank you. It's a shader based on this tutorial.


That's a cool game :D

Thank you for playing


No link to the LD page?



Wait, the pirate tricked me. This is not doom, its something much better.

Oh, thanks

Deleted 2 years ago

Already is out. https://soundcloud.com/sava_t/sets/honk-ii-ost


Yea!!! Honk honk!!!

Bug reports:

after pause and back gui don't back... (web version)

short key presses don't shoot gun

Thank you