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Welcome to the arena good hunter!

On this arena you have only one weapon - a spear, it's your only best friend here, who helps you to fight against hordes of deadliest creatures. You can only throw it into your enemies and each time you do this, you lose it and should get the spear back yourself. Only the best can become  the master of the arena.

Good luck and fight with glory!



- Use WASD for moving;

- Hold LMB for shooting;

- Use SPACE for jumping;



Code and design by me.

Art by 0x72, you can download it here.

Music by Nicole Marie T, you can download it here.


OneSpearOne Kill_v1.2.zip 10 MB
OneSpearOneKIll.zip 2 MB


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I love it! <3 very challenging and I love the art of this game (even though its not rated on art) I think this could've been better with screen shaking and stuff to make it more immersive! (- Amy)

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Actually, there is a screen shake, but it indicates only the damage you got.

Simple and fun! It's very satisfying to nail multiple guys in one shot.


Thank you!

Nice game!