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Welcome to the arena good hunter!

On this arena you have only one weapon - a spear, it's your only best friend here, who helps you to fight against hordes of deadliest creatures. You can only throw it into your enemies and each time you do this, you lose it and should get the spear back yourself. Only the best can become  the master of the arena.

Good luck and fight with glory!



- Use WASD for moving;

- Hold LMB for shooting;



Code and design by me.

Art by 0x72, you can download it here.

Music by Nicole Marie T, you can download it here.


About game

The very first version of the game was made for GMTK Jam 2019. But I want to carry on working on this game for awhile, as I couldn't implement all my ideas in the game during the jam. I hope, you'll enjoy my game.


OneSpearOne Kill_v1.2.zip 10 MB

Development log


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Hey, sorry for being a noob with this kind of stuff but it says I can't run the .exe file (my computer is "protecting" me).  How am I supposed to play the game?


Hello, could you send me a screen shot of the window which is shown while you start .exe file, please? I'll try to help you.

There are always some problems with .exe files of Game Maker 2 games which were built zipped instead of usual install file. Even I have similar problems.

Hey, thanks for the reply.  Here is what I'm seeing:

It also came with two other files iirc, but I didn't think they were useful (I ran with them and got the same result), so I figured I might as well delete them.


Hi, just click "More Info" and then  you can see a button which allows you to start the game.

Ohhh thanks! heh I clicked that and didn't even see "run anyway"!  Thanks!

Uhhh, I click on the icon and it opens up the app, asking me to choose a file.  If I choose any of them it just closes the app.  

I really am sorry to bother you on this.

WHAT THE @#$%!?  I was waiting for it to load and my computer just crashed:
Image result for we ran into a problem restarting pc

It made me restart.  And my computer should've been able to handle a file like that...