Here is a platformer and here is an egg, platformEGG!

This game is a small platformer where you play as a ninja frog, who needs to bring an egg to finish line. Avoiding a lot of traps without dying or breaking the egg.

Sounds easy? Not for the ninja frog, as if she carries the egg, she can’t jump. Luckily, she can throw the egg.


You can play both keyboard and gamepad.


  1. Move - LEFT/RIGHT
  2. Jump - UP
  3. Interact - Z
  4. Throw - X


  1. Move - D-pad or Left stick
  2. Jump - Cross(PS4)/A(Xbox)
  3. Interact - Triangle(PS4)/Y(Xbox) or Circle/B
  4. Throw - Square(PS4)/X(Xbox) or R1(PS4)/RB(Xbox)


For the majority of the team this is the very first jam. And we hope you’ll enjoy our game as well as we.

Honored mentions

This gorgeous art was made by pixel frog and you can download it here.


platformEGG_LD46_Win.zip 17 MB
platformEGG_Postjam_Win.zip 17 MB
platformEGG_Postjam_Linux.zip 19 MB

Development log


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well done!

Thank you.


what game engine did you used for create this wonderful videogame?


I used Godot


Its a good game. nicely done

Thank you for playing.


the game is visualy pretty, but i'm i the only one who think IT'S TOO HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD, and you didn't even make the control bad so i can blame it lol

My personal record - 1.5 minutes.


Super challenging and fun!


Thank you for playing


I'm delighted to let you know that I featured your game again, this time in my Top 10 itch.io Games of the Week video! 

Thank you a lot! Good luck with your channel.


Great game, I enjoyed the graphics and loved the concept. The only thing that I would change is the way the egg throwing mechanic works. I didn't like how the egg was thrown in the same arc in the direction that the play was facing. I found myself wanting to throw the egg straight up or maybe just lob it but instead it would throw in the same arc. I think way to change this would be to make the egg throw in the direction of the mouse rather than the way the character is facing. It's easy to lose track of the direction your character is facing especially while trying to dodge all the obstacles. Great game and good work!

Thank you for playing. Frankly, I also don’t like this system, as it’s hard to adjust.


PS: In Firefox the game throws an error saying "Indirect call to null" (It works on Chrome)


Nice games and graphics, but couldn't play it too much, Didn't like the controls, having to use the E for pickup while using WASD to move around is just a bit weird, and using the arrows and E , shift and spacebar wasn't good neither.

Thank you for feedback. I agree that keyboard scheme is bad.


Really nice graphics by Pixel frog, quite good music and incredibly frustrating gameplay.

But! As a guy who played a lot of platformers and made a fair bit of them myself, I can say:

1) The controls are pretty bad and irresponsive, took me a while to get at least a bit familiar with them

2) Physics is a bit wierd, especially the strong gravity and bouncing... It's is just over the top. It happens that you walk into a spike, which forces you onto a saw, which bounces you high up
So, in pair with controls it makes death seem unfair and frustrating.

3) No checkpoints at all. Seriously? I mean, I know you're trying to turn 5 minutes of gameplay into 20+, but quality>quantity. It made every death even more frustrating.

All these things compared make for a great rage game, but I'm not sure it's the thing you wanted to make.

Really frustrating experience. Hope you won't make such mistakes in future :)


Thank you for your feedback, as this is my first developing experience of a platformer.

Very nice game! Loved the patterns as backgrounds and how slow they move. It kind of breaks the too discrete animation of the rest of the game. Well done!

Thank you!


Not a fan of the controls. In a precision platformer, I want to be able to make adjustments to my jumps in mid-air, even switching directions — here you're forced into horizontal jumps of indeterminate distance if you try to add a little movement to a vertical jump, and there's no way to back out of a jump.

When combined with the lack of checkpoints (as far as I could tell), it can make for a pretty frustrating experience.

Thank you for your feed back. Actually, you can make adjustments to your jumps, but I tuned it in another way. However, I see what you mean and I recognize that more control in air could have made all the difference to the movement.

Yeah, restart from the start is a very bad decision.

It's my first cohesive platformer and personally, I'm not a platformer-guy. 


Nice game!

Thank you


This game is fantastic! I featured it in my video today if you're interested! Good luck with the game jam! 

Thank you for the mention! I wish you achieved your goals!


Very nice game I like the simple concept. Just an idea, but how you tried to make picking up and trowing the egg using the same button? 

I've thought about it, but I afraid of miss clicks.