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This is a collection of several Unreal Engine 5 plugins created to facilitate the prototyping process.

The plugins were made with C++ but have a robust blueprints API to give people an opportunity to prototype games. All instructions and documentation you can find in the git pages for each plugin.

Keep in mind these plugins were made for prototyping, thus they weren't tested for actual production and can tank performance in some projects. Use them in actual projects at you own risk.

Core Plugins

These plugins doesn't have any dependencies from each other.

TrickyAnimationComponets A small plugin with a collection of components which can help animate parts of actors
TrickyInteractionSystemA simple interaction system boilerplate which helps you implement different types of interactions in your game
TrickyKeyringSystemA plugin which will help you to integrate a flexible key system to lock/unlock different objects
TrickyGamemodeA plugin with a  custom game mode which has various states such as pause, game over, prepare, etc.
TrickyEntityResourcesA collection of game objects and components which help to quickly implement health, mana, stamina, overheating, etc.
TrickyLevelHelpersA plugin for facilitating a level design process
TrickyStatusEffectsA plugin which helps to implement status effects in your prototype

Additional Plugins

These plugins requires installing some core plugins to work properly.

A plugin with a collection of base door actors
A plugin with a collection of base button actors
A plugin with a collection of base pickup actors
TrickyUserInterfaceTrickyGamemodeA plugin with a collection of useful widgets

Made With TPC

  1. Goblo The Harvester. A 3D platformer made in 3 days during Ludum Dare 52
  2. DeliverEgg. A 3D platformer made in 3 days during Ludum Dare 53
  3. Mimi's Adventure. A 3D puzzle adventure made in 2 days during GMTKjam 2023
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TrickyPrototypingCollection_5.3_230915.zip 161 MB
TrickyPrototypingCollection_5.2.1_230720.zip 138 MB
TrickyPrototypingCollection_5.1.1_230529.zip 171 MB

Install instructions

  1. Install the plugin either in your project or for all projects in engine:
    1. Unzip the package into Plugins folder of your project, e.g. D:\UnrealProjects\MyProject\Plugins
    2. Unzip the package to the Plugins folder in engine folder, e.g. C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.0\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace
  1. Restart the project;

Development log

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